Welcome to the Enchanting Workshop, where creativity and family love come together! We are Catherine and Allison, the sister duo behind this magical space. Despite living miles apart—Catherine in sunny Florida and Allison in charming Maryland—we’re united by our passion for creating beautiful things.

Catherine, our production coordinator, keeps the magic flowing smoothly. She balances her busy workshop life with the joys of family time, raising two energetic boys with her loving husband. Allison, our talented graphic designer, brings our visions to life with her creative flair, while cherishing moments with her wonderful son and husband.

We adore what we do, and our favorite part is that we get to do it together, even from afar. Brainstorming new ideas, crafting unique designs, and launching exciting products is our jam. We also love connecting with our community at local vendor events whenever we can.

Our hearts beat a little faster during Christmas and birthdays—times filled with family celebrations and joy. Thank you for being a part of our journey. We hope our creations bring a touch of enchantment to your life!

With love,
Catherine & Allison